Klay Thompson
East Bay Times x KT4
Shoe Release

Don't miss your only chance to get this exclusive deal.

Purchase a Newspaper Subscription + Limited Edition East Bay Times x KT4 shoes. First come, first serve. Must attend the event to qualify.

When: Sunday, July 7 @11:00 am

Where: Oaklandish (Downtown Oakland)

1444 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

Newspaper Subscription + Shoes

The Limited Edition East Bay Times x KT4 shoes blend Klay Thompson's love for basketball and reading the newspaper. The design of the shoes is fitting in that each shoe is covered in newspaper clippings of some of Klay Thompson's greatest highlights. The shoe embodies something that's never been done before. Be a part of the ritual. Join us at Oaklandish to get this exclusive deal!

Choose which subscription you prefer: 7-Day, 4-Day, Sunday only or Digital only, 1 year term for $179.99. These shoes are only available through purchase with this offer at the time and place of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people get to purchase a subscription + shoes?
150 subscription + shoes available on a first come first serve basis.

Who qualifies to purchase the subscription + shoes?
New subscribers, former subscribers that attend the event. Current subscribers attending the event can gift the subscription to a friend or family member to receive the shoes. Must be 18 or older to purchase.

What if I already have a subscription?
Current subscribers must purchase for a family or friend and have the following information: their name, their email, their phone number, and home address.

Can you purchase the shoes without the subscription?

Can I purchase the subscription + shoes online?
No. Purchase of this deal can only be made in person during the time of the event. If you buy a separate subscription online, you will NOT be eligible to receive the shoes.

What is the total cost of the subscription + shoes?
$179.99. Offer valid while supplies last. No returns. No refunds.

Will I get my shoe size?
We will try to ensure that everyone will receive their shoe size but this is not guaranteed. The earlier you come and purchase a subscription the more likely you will receive the shoe size you want (men sizes only).

What happens when the shoes run out?
We will have subscriptions still available with the gift of a Warriors sweatshirt.

Do I need to register before the event?
No registration is needed.

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